Botox is a purified form of botulinum toxin. It is administered through the use of a syringe and injected to the part of a human face. What Botox do is to remove fine lines, sagging tissue and wrinkles by blocking the nerves that causes these changes to one’s face. Botox remains into your body for a maximum of six months. After 6 months it wears off and you can decide if you want to have another dose or not.

Botox became more popular starting the year 2000 when women and even men became more conscious of how they look. This is a modern type of face lift. Face lift on the other hand is still available. It gives a more permanent effect to your face. However, face lift is more expensive and the after math of it is not liked by many. You will suffer for weeks with bandages and stitches in your face. Bruises are even more visible than just by having a Botox treatment. It will take a while before you can see your beautiful face in the mirror when you have undergone a face lift procedure.

With Botox, it is very easy and smooth. You can even have a Botox procedure done during your lunch break. It only takes minutes to administer the toxin and the effect of it after only takes a maximum of one week to wear off. It is also less expensive than having a face lift. Though it is not as permanent as what the face lift can give, but it’s definitely a great substitute or even better.

Professionals wanted to test the effectiveness of Botox to a person. In one experiment, they hired a twin. One used Botox and one did not. Botox was administered to the both of them on their mid 20s and found out that the one who did not take Botox easily gained finer lines than her twin sister. This experiment just means that Botox done at an early age will help you to achieve a younger look as you grow older by preventing wrinkles and lines to develop.

Botox is proven to be safe to use. The majority of the people who were treated with Botox just experienced minimal side effects which can be tolerated without the help of the doctors. And if you are extra fortunate, then you won’t even have to experience these minimal side effects Botox bring.

There are just some instances that a person cannot take Botox for there might be an adverse reaction. An example to this would be women who are pregnant, breast feeding and people who ingest alcohol regularly.
The cost of Botox is around $200 per treatment. It may be a bit heavy but imagine having a smooth and wrinkle free face after it. I am sure every one of us would love to have that. If you can pay for it, then go for it. Believe in the saying that when you look good, you feel good – everything else follows after that.