There are many side effects for Botox, such as numbness in the face or even death. However, there is a new one that recently surfaced has to do with texting impairment. Texting Impairment, you say? To provide a little more background, Botox is primarily used to reduce wrinkles around your face. Over the past few years, researchers discovered that it can also be used to treat excessive sweating. Today, treating wrinkles and sweating are the main things that people use Botox for.

A recent case study published by the Archives of Dermatology found that a seventeen year old who was recently treated with Botox for excessive sweating in her hands had a hard time texting after the treatment. This is the first time anyone had heard of having a hard time sending text messages after receiving Botox in the hands, but it is also understandable because experts know that Botox treatment can lead to muscle fatigue. Dr Lehman, who performed this treatment on the girl is from Minnesota, and she claims that she will warn her future patients moving forward as a specific possible side effect.

This problem may seem like a petty one, but nowadays almost everyone in the States uses the texting feature. In addition to that, Botox treatment is becoming more common, and more doctors are recommending the use of it to their patients who are experiencing abnormal amounts of sweat. The excessive sweating in the hands is also known as hyperhydrosis, and there’s a lot of people who have this problem. People with hyperhydrosis experience difficulties in the workplace, especially at places that require that you’re good with your hands. They also experience embarassment in social situations, such as shaking a strangers hand or experience intimacy issues because they don’t feel confident holding hands with their significant others.

Before taking the Botox approach to deal with hyperhydrosis, doctors usually prescribe antiperspirants to ease the sweating. A few experts also suggest that the excessive sweating is psychological and due to nervousness or anxiety. However, once the prescribed anti-perspirants and therapists/psychiatrists don’t work out, Botox is usually the next obvious step. This treatment usually lasts for four to eight weeks, depending on the person, so the texting issues are only temporary. Another thing to mention is that people with hyperhydrosis are willing to sacrifice a little weakness in the hand to fix their sweating problems.

Since the side effects of Botox are not permanent, it may make sense for the recipients to use them as long as they are well informed of what may happen. Botox treatment can sometimes be pricy, especially because you have to go back every few months and your body builds a tolerance for it if you do it often. So you may be thinking to yourself: how much does botox cost? The price of botox can range from 200-400$ per injection, depending on your location and the season.