How Much is Botox

Botox has mixed messages in the media, and although most women desire to look younger and fresher, they aren’t sure if botox is for them. Often the only examples of botox we see in the media are instances of particularly “bad” botox, where foreheads are frozen and expressionless. However, when botox is applied accurately and in the right quantities, it can provide an amazing boost without being remotely discernible.

Unfortunately it’s a natural product of aging that we develop lines and wrinkles. How deeply they form and how many you have depends a lot on your lifestyle, and somewhat on genetics. Those people who wear a lot of sunscreen and don’t have exaggerated facial expressions may take longer to develop wrinkles; but in the end, we all do. In the early stages of wrinkling, there are other things you can do to treat them; namely, facial masks or chemical peels. However, the more deeply they form, particularly between the eyebrows, on the upper forehead, and in the nasal labial folds of your mouth, the harder they are to target. In these cases you will need to use botox to see any noticeable improvement.

Botox essentially freezes the muscle in place, which gives it a smooth, unlined appearance. The advantage to using this over a serious plastic surgery procedure is: the results fade and disappear eventually. If you aren’t happy with how you look or you want to try another cosmetic surgeon, it’s entirely possible. The entire time you’ll spend in an office is around ten minutes, and the results show up within a few days. There is minor swelling associated with it, so there is no need to request downtime from work. You can carry about your day as you normally would, unlike if you were to get a facelift.

How much is botox? If you’re curious about how much botox costs; it depends on the area you need the treatment. It is priced at approximately $10 per unit of botox, depending on your surgeon, of course. What does this mean? For instance; the frown lines you may have between your eyebrows vary from 20-40 units of botox necessary, depending on the severity. Your visit can cost anywhere from $200-500, depending on how much you need and how much is charged. Botox prices vary depending on how in-demand the surgeon is, and the area you live in.

If you’re in the market to buy botox, do your due diligence and look into the various surgeons available to you. Make sure they have great communication skills and easily address any concerns you have. Double check that if you’re not happy with the results, they are willing to see you again as soon as possible. Most of all; be excited! Soon you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh new you, and no one else will be the wiser.